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Zipp Valve Extenders

Zipp Valve Extenders
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Product Code :MC-ZIPTIR0140-12
Brand :Zipp
List Price :$8.95
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Product Description

The Zipp Valve Extenders feature a 3 mm hex broach in the barrel to guarantee a perfect seal when tightened and a raised machined head with a slight bevel to ease installation of the pump head. A ridged section keeps the pump head from slipping.

Product Features

  • 27 mm for older (red) 202 wheel sets
  • 33 mm for 303 dimpled wheel sets
  • 48 mm for 404 dimpled wheel sets
  • 72 mm for dimpled 808 wheel sets
  • 98.26 mm for dimpled 1080 wheel sets

*Please Note: Valve extensions require specific installation, so Zipp highly recommends that you watch the how-to installation video on the Video FAQ section of and that you pre-install extensions on your spare tires and tubes before your ride.

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