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Body Glide Chamois Glide 1.5oz.

Body Glide Chamois Glide 1.5oz.
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Product Code :986222
Brand :Body Glide
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Product Description

Cycle: Anti saddle sore balm

Keeps you on the bike longer by protecting your assets from the friction that causes saddle sores with a dry, invisible, non-greasy barrier that doesn't require frequent reapplication. Unisex.

Product Features

  • When To Apply: Before you get dressed, to protect, and arrest the rubbing that causes saddle sores.
  • The No. 1 Choice: The preferred choice over messy, wet creams, gels and powders. No petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils.
  • Never Greasy: Hands stay clean. Applies direct from the stick to your skin, shorts, or chamois.
  • Go Farther: Effective and long-lasting. Use daily to stay in the saddle longer—100 mile rides, and more. No frequent reapplication.
  • Sweat Resistant: Keeps pores clog free. Sweat escapes and lets skin breathe. Cycle clothing safe.
  • Skin Safe: Made with allergen free, plant-derived ingredients. Vegan approved, never tested on animals. Child safe.

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