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Optygen HP

Optygen HP
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Brand :Optygen
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Product Description

Introducing the new and improved OptygenHP formula, now available in its most potent form yet. It contains Rhodiola that_s twice as strong as the original formula. OptygenHP also contains Beta-Alanine because clinical research has shown it increases exercise capacity and muscular strength. The two main adaptogens in OptygenHP (Rhodiola and Cordyceps CS-4) were first used by Tibetan Sherpas to help them climb Mt. Everest. OptygenHP utilizes these two unique adaptogens because clinical research on elite endurance athletes has shown them to improve performance, increase the body_s ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress, increase aerobic threshold and reduce lactic acid.

Product Features

  • Strongest Optygen Formula Available
  • Boost Explosive Muscular Strength & Power Output
  • Improves Oxygen Utilization
  • Increases Aerobic Threshold & Reduce Lactic Acid

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